The Science Behind Sensitive Skin

Your skin is the wonderful barrier that protects your body from unwanted invaders. (Really, you wouldn’t last a day without your body’s largest organ keeping unwelcome visitors at bay!) Your skin [...]

Sun Protection 101

With the ushering in of those warm and wonderful summer months, sunny weather is finally on its way and there’s nothing better! Who doesn’t love soaking up some much-needed vitamin D? But time [...]

Baggage Claim: The 411 on Under-Eye Bags

As you age, one of the most bothersome new additions to your face that you may encounter are those dreaded under-eye bags. Partly genetics and mostly the wear and tear of aging, this unwanted [...]

Bye-Bye Dark Circles

Have you ever woken up to the sight of puffy, dark circles under your eyes? You may know them well. Many of us have experienced dark circles due to a late night out or after a rough illness. [...]

The Illuminé Oil

We all want to feel illuminated when we hit the streets for lunch with our girlfriends or have a date night out with our love. The best way to go after that glow you crave is to use a facial oil [...]

A Gift of Love: The I-Genesis Starter Kit

When I was a young girl, I admired everything my mother did. To me, she was and is the most beautiful woman in the world. But while I was working as a skin research scientist at Harvard Medical [...]

The Vampire Facial

When you first hear about the Vampire Facial, you may gasp at the idea of using blood as a beauty treatment. But the truth is, it’s a lot easier and more beneficial than you may think. Have you [...]

The Power of Phototherapy

There’s a reason that reptiles like to bathe their bodies in the sun and soak up every ounce of UV Light to warm up. Along the same lines, there isn’t one of us that doesn’t enjoy a nice beach [...]

Microneedles Boost Big Beauty Benefits

You may have heard of microneedling and immediately cringe at the word needle. So many times when we hear that awful word, we’re reminded of those epic doctor and dentist appointments of years [...]

Topical Application of Hyaluronic Acid, Does Size Matter?

Hyaluronic Acid is a natural biomolecule (and a biodegradable polymer actually!) that is found in the eyes, skin, connective tissues and joints of the human body. It works as a lubricant to [...]

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