I-Genesis Starter Kit

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Anti-Aging and Skin Barrier Repair Duo

The I-Genesis Starter Kit combines two essential products from the I-Genesis Collection.

The I-Genesis Youth Essence (10ml) is a high-performance multi-action serum for age-defiance and correction.

The I-Genesis Revitalizing Crème (15g) is a high performance multi-benefit crème for age-defiance and correction.

  • Increases hydration, firmness, and elasticity of the skin
  • Helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps visibly firm and tighten skin
  • Improves the appearance of dark spots while brightening the complexion
  • All facial zones appear visibly rejuvenated

Directions: Apply four to six drops of Youth Essence to fingertips and massage into facial skin after cleansing and toning. Allow five minutes for the serum to absorb, then apply Revitalizing Crème. For optimal results, use the duo twice daily and wear sunscreen daily.


8 reviews for I-Genesis Starter Kit

  1. Camily Tai

    I tried their products and found my skin better than before. I used Illumine Oil and Youth Essence. Now I can see my face brighter and moisture. I’m dry skin, so I’d like to try some oil products. This one real works well and not heavy for me.

  2. Tatyana Vinnikova‎

    I see improvement in my wrinkles on checks and around eyes. I also noticed that dark spots on my chicks become almost invisible. Definitely skin improved. I am using cream and serum twice a day for 7 month.

  3. Donna

    DermYoung is an amazing skin care line. I have very sensitive skin and have never found a product line that does not cause irritation or allergic reactions. DermYoung’s I-Genesis youth essence serum and revitalizing crème is gentle on my skin; it has never caused any irritation. In fact, it cleared up minor allergic irritations on my skin. The serum causes small wrinkle lines to diminish and the crème moisturizes naturally. It produces smooth, young looking skin. I have found the hydrating mist to be an easy way to quickly hydrate my face and neck when I am on the go. Thanks DermYoung! I am looking forward to trying the Vibrancy boosting mask this month.

  4. Bevy

    As with all beauty products there is both apprehension and hope by the consumer that the choice you have made will prove its claims. After using the I-Genisis Youthful Essence Serum and the I-Genesis Revitalizing Cream I was quite impressed with the results that I obtained. After several weeks not only did my fine lines appear smoother, but my whole face was brighter. There was a glow which I had not seen for quite a while. The serum was quickly absorbed and the cream was rich without feeling greasy or filmy. Used together or separately the I-Genesis beauty products are impressive.

  5. Janice

    Having survived being a working mother and using the same beauty products since the 80’s I was ready for something new. I tried the serum and crème and loved the results. I have been part of the trial for the Vibrancy Mask. It is wonderful. I could tell a difference from the first application. All day long I am amazed that my face is feeling more like the face of my youth.

  6. Olga

    I’ve been using both the Youth essense serum and Revitalizing creme for the last few months and see a great improvement in my complexion. I am 58 years old and used a lot of skin care products but these ones are the best! I see whitening effect, less wrinkles around my eyes and very visible firming effect. They are best if used in combination! I would recommend this skincare to everyone.

  7. Laura

    This is the best product I have ever used to really pamper my skin. It has made my skin super soft. My few wrinkles have diminished and I use it as a preventative now. My pores have shrunk drastically over this time which has helped with my black head issues. I have used it on acne spots that refused to heal and saw results in just a few days without the need of drastic intervention. I love this line and I can’t wait to see what else they come out with in this line!!

  8. regalos originales

    Thanks for finally talking about > I-Genesis Starter
    Kit – DermYoung < Liked it!

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