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I-GENESIS stands for Inner-Genesis, a collection inspired by the skin’s innate ability to renew and repair itself. Healthy and youthful skin easily overcomes injury. With age, communication between skin cells breaks down, reducing the skin’s innate defenses against collagen loss, sun damage and defects in the skin barrier.

What People Are Saying

As with all beauty products there is both apprehension and hope by the consumer that the choice you have made will prove its claims. After using the I-Genesis Youthful Essence Serum and the I-Genesis Revitalizing Cream I was quite impressed with the results that I obtained. After several weeks not only did my fine lines appear smoother, but my whole face was brighter. There was a glow which I had not seen for quite a while. The serum was quickly absorbed and the cream was rich without feeling greasy or filmy. Used together or separately the I-Genesis beauty products are impressive.


This is the best product I have ever used to really pamper my skin. It has made my skin super soft. My few wrinkles have diminished and I use it as a preventative now. My pores have shrunk drastically over this time which has helped with my blackhead issues. I have used it on acne spots that refused to heal and saw results in just a few days without the need of drastic intervention. I love this line and I can’t wait to see what else they come out with in this line!!


Derm Young is an amazing skincare line. I have very sensitive skin and have never found a product line that does not cause irritation or allergic reactions. Derm Young’s I-Genesis youth essence serum and revitalizing crème is gentle on my skin; it has never caused any irritation. In fact, it cleared up minor allergic irritations on my skin. The serum causes small wrinkle lines to diminish and the crème moisturizes naturally. It produces smooth, young looking skin. I have found the hydrating mist to be an easy way to quickly hydrate my face and neck when I am on the go. Thanks, Derm Young! I am looking forward to trying the Vibrancy boosting mask this month.


As a physician, I am very skeptical of most products and scrutinize ingredients and studies. My skin has been my Achilles heel my whole life and this is BY FAR the most incredible miraculous product I have ever come across. My skin has never looked so even, radiant and healthy, and felt so smooth. Both my acne and fine lines are so so so much better and get complimented non-stop on my skin. Cannot be happier and never changing to anything else. See amazing results from other products in the line as well and everyone I have recommended to has seen the same. Customer for life!


Loving these products! I have every product in the line and am layering them. My skin is glowing! They truly are better than any of the professional products on the market today that I have tried (and I try EVERYTHING!). I decided to bring the line into my skincare salon because the ingredient quality is superb and I am happy to support a local skincare company that is using high-quality ingredients and not putting all kinds of fillers and crap in their products. I can’t wait to see more products added to this line! (Like eye cream, oil-free moisturizer, and a cleanser

Clarice Macdonald

I have owned a successful medical spa for 16 years, and I am rarely impressed by a new product line. DermYoung has exceeded all expectations. My customers have also been pleased with the results of these products. Highly recommend!!

Chrissy McClure Thomas

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