Highlighting the Global Beauty & Wellness Exchange

Spending time immersed in the historic ambiance of Charleston is always a great idea but it gets even better when you’re there with a whole team of buyers and sellers whose main mission is to bring the best in the beauty industry to everyone they serve. That’s what happened at the Global Beauty & Wellness Exchange event we attended in late February. 

The Benefits of Exchange 

The entire event brings together innovative vendors (like us) and cutting-edge spa owners and directors that are looking to get a deeper knowledge of the products they want to put in their salons. It’s a chance for the buyers to really hear from us about the amazing steps we’ve taken to ensure that all of DermYoung products are completely beneficial for our clients. They get to try the products and ask questions about which products will work the best for their clientele. We especially love the opportunity to explain the DermYoung process and give buyers a look at our amazing product. 

Highly-Focused Attention

Another benefit of the global exchange event is the time available to be completely intent on learning about the beauty field and our particular market. Each event over the weekend helps encourage networking in a relaxed and conversational environment. There are educational breakout sessions that give everyone a chance to learn more while introducing the newest and most fascinating news in the beauty world. The face-to-face model really helps build relationships and foster trust with our clients. 

DermYoung Excels
We had the best time at the global exchange event. We loved getting to meet the top leaders in the industry and show off our great products. It was so exciting to see everyone fall in love with our products after one 30-minute DermYoung facial or after a 20-minute meeting with Dr Brooks.. We try continually to pass on our message that healthy skin comes from science and not harsh chemicals. We consistently represent products that really make a difference. Our natural extracts eliminate all harmful fillers like perfumes and preservatives and the result leaves your skin looking healed, youthful, radiant, soft and supple in days. The buyers at the event couldn’t get enough of this fabulous truth. We had a great showing at the event. 

If you are interested in learning more about DermYoung products from our founder, Dr. Brooks, please book an appointment with us at the next Global Beauty and Wellness Exchange in September or simply email or call our office. If we’ve sparked your interest in our fabulous products, peruse our available skincare line and shop from our spa partners or directly from our site. We would love to help you start a skincare journey that not only will help you look better but also bring wellness to your skin as well. 

And just for fun, check out our pictures from the rest of the event, as well as, the beautiful Charleston ambiance:

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