Protect Your Health, Skin First!

In these stay-at-home days, maintaining our health has become our top priority. While moisturizing your skin may currently be last on your list of wellness priorities, healthy skin is in fact your first line of defense against unwanted invaders, such as environmental pollutants, bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The skin employs a myriad of defense mechanisms against tiny, vicious intruders in addition to being a physical barrier fending off bugs and dirt. Acid, enzymes or sweat on the skin surface prevent bacteria or viruses from gaining a foothold. The uppermost layers of our skin sense the invasion of unwanted foreign substances and trigger the production of antibacterial and antiviral peptides. The skin cells at lower layers activate innate immunity pathways and produce cytokines to corroborate the effort and kill the intruders on the spot within a few hours. This wonderful defense system is compromised, however, when skin homeostasis is perturbed by barrier damage or eczema. 

Recently, dermatologists have seen a rise in hand eczema due to Coronavirus preventative hand washing. The combination of excessive hand washing and the constant use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer strips skin of oil and healthy lipid layers, leaving skin dry, inflamed and prone to infection.

The combination of DermYoung’s I-Genesis Illumine Oil and Vibrancy Boosting Facial Mask is effective at healing your skin barrier and soothing red, itchy skin not only on the face, but also on the hands and feet. In addition to hydrating and nourishing properties, the proprietary I-Genesis complex in these products are designed to active the synthesis of components needed for barrier formation and suppress local inflammation. 

Most barrier repair products supply exogenous lipids only, meaning they add moisture to the skin. Our products direct the keratinocytes to product those lipids, proteins and extracellular matrix, so they actually heal the skin from the inside out.  A lot of customers report instant relief of their dry, cracked hands when they apply an overnight treatment of a few drops of Illume Oil followed by a thin layer of Vibrancy Boosting Facial Mask (a little goes a long way!) Symptoms of severely dry skin were reported to be gone within a couple days.  

We are working with our medical spa partners to get DermYoung products in the hands of healthcare workers and first responders suffering skin damage from constant hand washing and abrasions from PPE. 

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