When I created a serum and cream for my mother as the New Year’s gift in 2016, I was not expecting that these products would turn into a business. Nor was I aware that my creation would develop a cult following. In less than two years, we have developed clients in medispas, dayspas, resort spas, high-end fitness centers and country clubs. Our clients are located from Boston to New York, down to Atlanta, Florida, over to Nashville, up to Colorado and across to California. We couldn’t thank our amazing partners more for helping us change skincare across America. 

What a year 2019 was! As a great big thank you, let’s take a look back at this amazing year. 

2019 is the year that DermYoung officially started to partner with resorts.  We are deeply grateful that resort spas welcomed us with open arms and heart. We cannot tell you how many spa directors have been sold on one DermYoung facial and how many customers have become our lifetime customers after using our products. When we envision and craft DermYoung products, we design them to bring beauty and wellness together. We hope they can help you achieve your esthetic goals as well as get rid of some common skin ailments. We are helping skin look smoother, plumper, more lifted and radiant, we are helping people with adult acne, eczema, sensitivity and more. There are so many brands that boast about how careful they are in ingredient selection. However, making a successful product is more than just using some quality ingredients. And the formulation process is more than just mixing. Thanks to our stellar scientific and clinical team members for ensuring DermYoung standard.

The results? From the east coast to the west, we are treated to  the complimentary rooms, massages, in-room champagne toasts complete with yummy cheese plates, concert tickets and more! At first, I thought these were the perks coming with the job until I was told no. Thank you Marriott, Hyatt, Hard Rock and more for spoiling DermYoung!

We are also indebted to our early adaptors: spas and individual clients that have been with us since day 1. Thank you for those kind  “I am your customer forever;” “we are so happy to watch DermYoung grow” notes. It is always heart-warming and encouraging to read letters and talk to our customers.

As 2020 starts to unfold, our schedule is getting packed with events and trainings. More and more prestigious properties are knocking on our door. At DermYoung, we are committed to bringing our clients superior products and extraordinary services and we are constantly improving. 2020, we are ready!

As we round out the year, I can’t help but be excited about all that’s to come in 2020. New clients are emerging and new partnership is developing. DermYoung is committed to providing our partners with the superior products and extraordinary customer service.  To learn more about our year of innovation across the country, check out our blog https://dermyoung.com/how-traveling-across-the-country-gave-new-insight-to-dermyoung-products/

With All The Thanks and Love, 

The DermYoung Family

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