We’re kicking off an exciting travel adventure at DermYoung and we wanted to take you along for the journey. At the core of our brand, we are committed to providing the best products and services to all of our customers. To give our clients everything we can, we must consistently seek out what’s happening across the country in the spas that are on the front lines of using our beauty regimen every day.

So now, every month, our founder Dr. Brooks will travel to see our spa clients in different cities. She will meet with countless clients to help give training sessions, launch special events or simply answer questions that spa owners or estheticians may have about using DermYoung products.

Each spa welcomes Dr. Brooks into the gracious ambiance of their superb beauty mecca. It’s constantly inspiring to see first-hand how DermYoung products are working for our clients and what aspects of our products are making the biggest impact on the beauty world.

For the first edition of our travel series, we talked to spa owners/directors from spas in Massachusetts, New York, Atlanta, Nashville and Miami. Here are the exciting things they had to say about our fabulous products.

Q: How long does it take for you to decide to introduce DermYoung to your spa?

A: Some spas were excited to use DermYoung products in as fast as 3 hours. Others took the process slower around 5 months to ensure clients could use the products to target exactly what they needed.

Q: Why did you decide to introduce DermYoung products to your spa?

A: The spas loved that DermYoung products were very results driven, offering small SKU. The clean ingredients and beautiful packaging were also quite beloved.

Q: How do your clients like DermYoung products?

A: This is maybe the most exciting outcome of all! Clients love the products and they keep purchasing them. They see real improvements on their skin firmness, texture, and brightness which they cannot obtain from other products.

Q: How do you and your staff like DermYoung products?

A: Estheticians love them, massage therapists love them, makeup artists love them, nail artists love them and hair stylists love them!

Q: In your opinion, what sets DermYoung apart from other brands on the market?

A: There’s no replacing the solid science behind the great and fast results. The ability to use the products easily with cold storage, no hype, no fluff and no commercial elements.

Q: What are the best selling DermYoung products?

A: All of them are great. Youth Essence, Illumine Oil and Hydrating Mist sell the fastest.

Q: How do you like DermYoung’s customer service?

A: Thumbs up. Fast shipping (24-48 hour turnaround time), professional packaging, and great customer service. Dr. Brooks is also very responsive to all kind of questions we encounter from our clients. The DermYoung team joins our events and parties and connects with our clients at all levels.

Q: What types of procedures do you pair DermYoung products with?

A: The most common procedures are:Youth Essence and Revitalizing Crème to pair with Hydrafacial and Dermal infusion. They like to use Illumine Oil and Vibrancy Boosting Facial Mask with microneedling and IPL. Hydrating Mist with microneedling is another win/win combination.

Q: What kind of clients do you think will benefit most from using DermYoung products?

A: All clients can benefit from DermYoung products. People with skin problems may see even more dramatic improvement.

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