Do you ever feel like there are not enough hours in a day? Whether a young female professional striving to make her mark, a millennial mom struggling to achieve work-life balance, or an established career woman who has spent years maturing her portfolio, we all know that time is a luxury. As working women, it’s rare that we have time to pamper ourselves the way we deserve. At DermYoung, we realize the importance of delivering a simple and efficient skincare regimen that has the power to pamper and rejuvenate the skin in minutes a day. That is why we created DermYoung’s I-Genesis collection. Our unique Youth Essence serum and Revitalizing Crème duo are formulated to address the most common skin concerns for busy women: dehydration, dull complexion, dark spots, fine lines and loss of firmness. Many products on the market use synthetic chemicals to address or cover up one problem at a time – a dark spot here, a wrinkle there. In contrast, the I-Genesis collection is uniquely formulated with natural extracts to provide your skin with the essential building blocks it needs to boost innate correction factors and gets to work where your skin needs it most. The serum deeply penetrates the skin to firm and brighten quickly, while the crème locks in the hydration and offers supplemental nutrients that enhance your skin’s ability to self-renew. Although effective individually, the serum and crème are designed to work together synergistically to maximize rejuvenation effects in a few short weeks. When first developing I-Genesis, we decided to put our design to the test. We performed a trial involving over 200 professional women of different ages and with varying skin tones. The results were amazing: 92% of the users noticed a significant improvement of their skin’s appearance within 2-6 weeks using just the serum and crème duo. Most reported brighter, softer, more radiant skin within days. OK, we expected that. But when our users noted “stubborn acne spots melting away”, “fading brown marks”, “finer pores” and “less crow’s feet,” we knew that I-Genesis was really working as intended – to make you a better you. By stimulating the skin’s natural renewal properties, I-Genesis acts to reverse the issues that most affect your skin. Simple. Effective. Fast. As a woman on the go, it’s a luxury you deserve.

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