Did you ever wish you could have your own personal skin guru with you at all times? Someone who could say Use this product or Put that product down it’s not right for your skin type? Wouldn’t having a personal beauty care shopper revolutionize the way you buy your skincare products?

Well, this idea isn’t new and many skincare vendors have found ways to ask questions that help them suggest a product for you to use. Sounds great, right? The problem is that though it may sound like they understand your skincare needs, their analysis actually falls a little short of really getting to know your skincare needs. Let’s take a closer look at what a personalized skincare service is, how it works and why at DermYoung we make sure to do it just a little bit differently.

Survey Says

Have you ever been looking for a product and have a screen that pops up to say, “Take this quiz to see your skin type.” If you click on the quiz, you’ll usually get about 5 to 7 questions that ask about your skin type. Do you have oily skin? Is your skin dry? From the stocked answers, a beauty care vendor can determine what category that your skin falls into. Perhaps they can tell you have combo skin or that your skin tends to be more on the dry side. The survey will generally see if you fit in a range of different categories, such as oily skin with acne concern, anti-wrinkle or in need of skin firming products.

These questions do help vendors give you a more personalized approach to offer you products that would be most helpful to your skin based on your answers and any skin concerns you may have mentioned. There are even companies that use artificial intelligence to specialize in the questions being asked, though some of these are limited in the skincare products they offer. Though these skincare questionnaires help narrow down options for clients, there are some problems with these types of surveys. Let’s take a look.

The Problem With Personalized

A survey is great at determining whether you tend to have oily, dry skin, if you may need anti-aging treatments, or other skincare concerns but they are forgetting one very important thing.

You are uniquely you and there is no one that has skin that is the same as yours. So though the surveys are a good place to start, they leave out a lot of important factors that are vitally important for your skincare routine. The surveys can’t take into account some important information like:

  • Genetic factors
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Topical medication
  • Medication that might have side effects
  • Interactions with other products that you’re using

These surveys also don’t take into account that it’s sometimes hard for clients to know exactly what skincare they have. They may think they have oily skin and skew their answers that way but they may really have combo skin that has both oily and dry properties. When it comes to the surveys, it’s impossible to get a completely personalized approach. Until, now.

The DermYoung Difference

Here at DermYoung, we wanted to build upon this idea that’s important to offer personalized skincare options to each of our clients. It saves a ton of time and is much more effective than offering products to our clients that aren’t even in the ballpark of working for them. But we knew we wanted to do even more to make our clients personalized experienced as honest and open as could be possible.

So at DermYoung, we offer a free personalized skincare consultation as well. We’ve taken what was good and made it deeper and better. Unlike other skincare providers we don’t just leave it up to the questionnaire. We have each and every questionnaire analyzed by our skin biologists and dermatologists. From their results, we provide a much more in-depth analysis and recommendation for what will work the best for their routine.

For example, check out this amazing skin analysis from one of our clients:

What is your age? 50-59

Which term best describes your skin tone? Medium

What best describes your skin? Oily / Combination / Sensitive / Occasional Breakout

What are your top 3 skin concerns? Enlarged Pores.Dehydration (skin feels tight but produces oil).Wrinkles.Sun damage.Loss of firmness.Sagging skin.

Are you allergic to any specific skincare ingredients? No

Are you a smoker? No

Are you pregnant? No

Have you ever used retinoid acid based products? None

Are you currently on any topical medication? No

What best describes the environment you live in? Neither humid or dry

How many hours of sleep do you get everyday? 6-8 Hours

What best describes the stress level in your life? Little Stress

How diligent do you wear sunscreen? Never

How frequently do you travel by plane? Once every other month

How many products do you use in your daily regime? 3-5

What are the skincare products you use regularly Cleanser.Moisturizer.Exfoliators.

What beauty device(s) do you use in your skincare regime? Other.

What do you hope to achieve with your skincare regime? Smooth/Firm/Lift

What are your favorite skincare products? DERMYOUNG

Why you like the above products? NONE


Thanks for completing the skin consultation. We have reviewed your answers and the analysis is listed below.

To smooth away your wrinkles, create a more tightened and lifted appearance, you need to work on the following aspects of your skincare regime.

1. Proper hydration to lower sebum production.

Normally, people with oily skin do not have hydration issue as their sebaceous glands produce sufficient moisturizing factors. However, in some cases, skin becomes oily because sebum has to be produced to compensate for the water loss, therefore, moisturize your skin properly will reduce oiliness. Great ingredients for you include aloe, hyaluronic acid, algae extract, glycerin and ect. Bad ingredients for your combination skin are mineral oil, dimethicone and other silicone compounds. These ingredients are frequently used as occlusive agents to prevent water loss. While being effective to some extend, they can clog pores and exacerbate acne. Too much/improper exfoliation is very likely to impair your skin barrier, which in turn will lead to escalated water loss and sebum production.  Please try do a deep cleansing on a weekly basis and limit the exfoliation times.

You can try to use oil free fluid as moisturizer, a cheap option is

A. Hyaluronic Acid 2%+B5 from the Ordinary $ 6.80

If it is not moisturizing enough, you can add a couple drops of pure Argan oil or other light oil. In this way, you will avoid putting too many chemicals on your face to clog your pores.

2. Anti-wrinkle regime

Wrinkles form due to alterations in skin structure.  Stress, lack of sleep and smoking all contribute to the deterioration of the skin structure. To prevent more wrinkles from forming and plump up the existing wrinkles, you need products enriched in A. anti-inflammatory factors and antioxidants (vitamin E, green tea extract, ferulic acid, licorice root extracts, blueberry extracts and ect.), B. humectants (hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA and ect.) and C. ingredients that can increase collagen production (retinol/vitamin c and ect.). Ingredients in A will help alleviate the ongoing damage to dermal structure while ingredients in C will increase the collagen inventory and ingredients in B smooth away dry lines. For topical treatment of wrinkles, it normally takes 4-8 weeks before a true significant effect can be observed. Many anti-wrinkle products are filled with fillers which mask the wrinkles for a temporary fix. For a faster result, you can resort to medical aesthetic treatments. Chemical peels and micro-needling can help with fine lines and lessen deep wrinkles. Laser and radio frequency treatments can reach deep into your dermis and stimulate collagen production much more efficiently.

Generally speaking, people with sensitive skin are limited in their choices for anti-wrinkle ingredients, i.e. they may have reaction to retinol and vitamin c.

We do not have enough information to conclude whether your dry skin is genetic or a result of prolonged use of exfoliating agents. If it is because of the latter, we would recommend you to add products rich in oil, butter, lipids and ceramides to your regime as prolonged use of those products can make your skin barrier porous and incapable of retaining water (sensitivity and redness are the results).  We would recommend using barrier repair products to calm down your sensitivity before proceeding with anti-wrinkle, lifting treatment.

3. Sculpt your contour regime

Nasolabial and Marionette lines are signs of sagging. Theses dynamic wrinkles form because the weakening of the facial muscle, loss of fat volume and bones and loss of collagen. The quickest and most effective way is injecting dermal fillers which can substitute the loss of fat and bones, the second most effective way is microcurrent (medical level) which will use electricity to shock the muscle to make it move upward and lift the lines. In our partnering spas, they have developed a facial massage using our Illumine oil for this purpose. At home, after you cleanse your face, mist your face with toner followed by our Youth Essence, wait 3-5 minutes for Youth Essence to penetrate then put a few drops of oil in your palm and spread it over your face in circular motion. Next, using both index fingers pressing against the nasolabial lines and massage along the lines in circular motion (20 circles for each spot). Press hard to feel the muscle underneath. Last, curl your index finger and stroke your cheek upward 20 times. Try it morning and night for two weeks.

4. Use a truly effective brightening and anti-inflammatory regime.

To bring back radiance, erase the post-acne discoloration and even out skin tone, you need something effective in both whitening and anti-inflammation. Some ingredients we would recommend for your regime are vitamin C, niacinamide, licorice root extract and turmeric extract.

Some products with friendly price tag to recommend

B. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%  $5.99

C. Paula’s choice 10% Niacinamide Booster $42.00

D. Timeless 20% vitamin C E and Ferulic acid serum $17.90

If you decide to try our I-Genesis products, our recommendation is Youth Essence+Revitalizing Crème and or Illumine Oil for daily use and Vibrancy Boosting Facial Mask for bi-weekly use. The Youth Essence will fight against most of the skin concerns, including dehydration, local inflammation (acne), skin barrier sensitivity, wrinkles/fine lines, sagging and hyperpigmentation. The Revitalizing Crème is a great crème to repair damaged skin barrier and provide brightening and tightening effects. The Illumine oil has been a life saver for many of our customers with dry, sensitive skin. It reduces the dryness/redness/itchiness and helps with wrinkles and dark spots. When used with Youth Essence, Illumine oil can help to greatly reduce deep wrinkles on forehead, eye area, mouth and neck areas. The mask is an overnight treatment to bring back radiance to the skin as well as tightening and lifting (contouring effect). Because you have sensitive skin and our Youth Essence is quite acidic, we would recommend that you start with Illumine Oil to reduce redness/dryness/sensitivity with a couple of weeks then pair with Youth Essence to ramp up collagen production and further reinforce your skin barrier. Of note, our Vibrancy Boosting Facial Mask does contain aloe at a very low percentage, but because of the superior quality of our ingredient, you may not have any reaction. You could request a sample to see if you are allergic to it.

Thank you for your interest and we hope this analysis will help you build an effective skin regime.


Look at those details that you get back! It’s amazing. Do you know the most exciting part about this? Many people who took our consultation went on to become some of our most loyal and loved customers. And for us, that’s the most important aspect of personalized skincare. To offer you a product that works for you and one that you feel comfortable coming back for again and again.

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