I wish I could say that the story of DermYoung began with something as exciting as the discovery of a miraculous ingredient from an exotic plant growing in the Mariana Trench that promised to instantly erase 10 years from your face. But, I can’t. The truth is DermYoung was inspired by something far less exotic, at least to me: my mother.

Over the years, I had observed my mother’s skin age dramatically as she incurred the endless stresses that came from juggling a family and a busy career. Fine lines. Small areas of subtle discoloration. Dull skin tone. As a skin biologist, how could I let this happen to the most beautiful woman in my world? I was on a mission to help my mom, a busy, hard-working, professional woman, regain her youthful complexion.

So, while working as a skin research scientist at Harvard Medical School, I hand-crafted a special skincare regimen to surprise my 60-year old mother on New Year’s day. Building on my extensive training in the biomedical field of skin health and repair, I developed a topical regimen consisting of a serum and cream duo that were both simple and safe, but effective in reversing the signs of pre-mature aging from my mother’s face. Within two weeks of using the products, she began noticing improvements in her skin’s texture, brightness and overall appearance. Soon thereafter, I began receiving calls from her close friends and colleagues, all eager to try her regimen.  As more people tried it, the number of phone calls I received grew. Within 2-3 months, over 100 people had requested samples! Encouraged by the rave reviews yet scientifically cautious, I approached a dermatologist friend of mine, Sarina, who conducted a clinical evaluation of my invention with her colleagues in dermatology. The result: virtually everyone who tried the serum/cream duo felt it improved their skin in some way, improving radiance and skin texture, reducing redness, acne, discoloration and other blemishes, and smoothing out fine lines. Incorporating all of the feedback we received, we tweaked the formula to make the regimen even more powerful and pleasant for the user. At this point, we initiated a 6-month trial to gauge user experiences with a broader audience. Our new and improved serum/cream duo quickly became the favorite of most of its judges.  We’d like to offer a special thanks to our friends and colleagues in the Harvard community and to our early customers whose comments and suggestions helped to shape our initial products!

Inspired by the overwhelming support, I began to expand the product line. I couldn’t help but think about the thousands of anti-aging products on the market today, all created with various magical ingredients and innovative technologies that promise to erase or cover up our skin’s decline. I wanted to take a different approach towards skin rejuvenation. At DermYoung, we believe the most powerful and effective anti-aging remedy is the skin’s own ability to renew itself.  As we age, this renewal process slows and needs a little boost. Our products are formulated using select ingredients that are scientifically proven to promote skin rejuvenation and healing. The result is supple and radiant skin.  Similar to a healthy and nutritious diet that keeps your body functioning optimally, DermYoung provides the right blend of nutrients to promote healthy, supple, glowing skin. We at DermYoung are thrilled to offer your skin the 4 course meal it has been craving for years…

  1. Course 1- Amuse-bouche, the I-Genesis Hydrating Mist
  2. Course 2 – L’Entrée, the I-Genesis Youth Essence
  3. Course 3 – Le Plat Principal, the I-Genesis Revitalizing Crème
  4. Course 4 – Le Dessert, the I-Genesis Recovery Mask
  5. Course 5 – Finale, the I-Genesis Firming Body Crème

Now many months later, my mother couldn’t be more proud of me or feel more confident about her own radiant glow. Originally created as a daughter’s gift to her mother, DermYoung now extends this gift to all mothers and women.

Your partner in beauty,

Yang Brooks, PhD

CEO, DermYoung

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