Wellness can feel like a buzz word these days. We all try to eat well by choosing organic produce and looking for super foods that are jam-packed with antioxidants that help heal and nourish the body. We know we have to rest well and get plenty of sleep. On our journey to health we enlist the help of workout programs at the gym, work place wellness programs and cell phone apps that help keep us all on track. People are also more and more aware of what they put on their skin and hair. Parabens, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate and many other ingredients have been blacklisted in skincare.

Wellness and The Beauty Industry

There’s still a lot to learn when it comes to wellness in the beauty world and most products have only begun to scratch the surface. It is well recognized that by using non-irritating ingredients, we would be able to better maintain skin health. This idea is what birthed the surge of clean and organic ingredients to be used in beauty products. And though that is a good idea, skin wellness is more than just avoiding non-irritating or chemical ingredients. How about the ingredients that have hormone like activities or ingredients that can enter, circulate and bioaccumulate in your endocrine system? Skin wellness involves multi-facets of skin physiology, including the integrity of skin barrier (sensitivity, dryness,certain ezcema), pigmentation, growth/differentiation of the epidermis (skin cancer), activity of the immune system (inflammatory skin diseases) and many more. To achieve skin wellness, we need to use safe yet functional ingredients to repair and reinforce our skin barrier, to calm down frequent flares and to activate our skin cells’ innate capability to renew and repair. Of note, not every natural ingredient is safe. For instance, bearberry extract (popular brightening ingredient) contains arbutin, a glycosylated hydroquinone, which could be potentially carcinogenic. Not every natural ingredient is safe to use under every circumstance. For example, willow bark extract contains salicylic acid like materials and it is not recommended to use during pregnancy. Certain types of essential oil can cause contractions and are not recommended during pregnancy either. What is more, people who purchase skincare products are hoping to see results and improvement on their skin concerns. That is why DermYoung has made it a point to ensure our products are not only designed to help customers achieve their esthetic goals but also skin wellness.

Going For The Gold Standard

The first thing a person may notice when seeing DermYoung products for the first time is that our products are packaged in beautiful cobalt blue glass. Environmentally friendly? Evidently! Better activity preservation? Of course! But what is more important is that there are thousands of chemicals in plastic containers, many of which could be released into your content during temperature fluctuation or in other conditions. Now we know that many of the chemicals in plastics can exert hormone-like activities, or interfere with other developmental processes (remember seeing the BPA free sign on baby bottles?) To ensure we are packaging DermYoung products in the best way possible, we chose glass. Another feature of DermYoung products you may notice probably will be the unique texture. DermYoung products do not have the siky, glide on feel many skincare products boast about, however, we offer light, gentle, luxurious touch (Vibrancy Boosting Mask) and quick absorption. We do love the silky, glide on feel but we do not like the chemicals used to create those sensations. Thanks to modern technology, various crosspolymers, copolymers, dimethicone and cyclomethicones are synthesized to create desirable sensation for skincare products. Unfortunately, the toxicity data of many of these chemicals are still lacking and based on the available information, some chemicals could bioaccumulate in our endocrine system and cause toxicity. Luckily, you would not find those ingredients in any DermYoung products. The botanical extracts used in DermYoung products are all organic, the limited chemicals present are of high purity without traces of potential contamination. What about the results DermYoung products deliver? Beautiful, youthful and radiant skin in as short as 10 days. Check out our social media galleria for before and after photos from our real customers.

Personalized Solutions Just For You

Not every skin issue is the same for every person. That’s why the real key to skin wellness is to find the products that really work for you. In our commitment to creating products that promote efficacy and skin wellness, we’ve taken great time and care to build products that target a great variety of skin issues. If you have dry or itchy skin, red skin or sensitive skin, there’s a DermYoung product that works. If you’ve got acne or rosacea or other skin issues, we can help make your skin the best it can be. DermYoung products are specifically designed to alleviate inflammation, reinforce skin barrier and optimize skin cell activity. As an anti-aging line, each of our products is multifunctional. Picking just one or two of our products is sufficient for addressing almost all of your skin concerns. Really, there is nothing better than combining the science of skincare with a heart that truly wants to see your skin be well. For us, it’s more than just skincare, it’s your life and we are here to help you discover exactly what your skin needs to function at its best.

Wellness That Works

We know that the journey to true skin wellness has taken you a while. Along the way, you’ve tried products that weren’t right for you and unhealthy for your skin. We know you’ve had trouble treating acne or saw more wrinkles appear than disappear. We know you’ve been bombarded with pollutants and toxins on a daily basis. We know the time is now for healing your skin. That’s why you can trust that at DermYoung, we’ve put only the best products on the market. We want you to experience products that help you look great while combating your skin issues; but most importantly, products that help heal your skin from the inside out.

With DermYoung, it’s easy to live a life centered on skin wellness without even having to think about it. We’ve done all the work for you so that you can get out there and live your best life looking like your best self.

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