Does Skincare Impact Aging

As we get older, our skin goes through various changes. For example, the outer-layer of our skin (epidermis) thins, as our body’s natural production of collagen slows down. This can cause skin to lose both luminosity and moisture, while also contributing to wrinkles. Many adults also experience the gravitational descent of skin (i.e, sagging), which is caused by the breakdown of elastin fibres in the skin’s dermal layer. When these fibres break down, skin sags and stretches.

As a result, it’s hardly surprising that the anti-aging market is so lucrative and over-saturated, with many companies disingenuously claiming to ‘stop aging in its tracks’.

The truth of the matter is, we cannot stop aging. It’s a natural bodily process. However, developing a consistent skincare routine can be instrumental in minimising some of the signs and symptoms of aging. DermYoung products were designed with this in mind (hence the use of the word ‘young’ in the title). We want our customers to feel youthful, bright and exuberant every single day, and our products are carefully tailored to meet this goal.

What is the secret to skincare & anti-aging?

Quality Products.

The first step towards curating an effective skincare regimen is to source quality products. However, this does not mean you have to pull together a 15 step routine. Not only can this become burdensome (and expensive), but overcomplicated skincare routines are often not as effective as simplistic ones. In some cases, stacking multiple skincare products on top of each other could cancel out their benefits, or even lead to skin irritation.

At DermYoung, we focus on doing a lot with a little. As a result, we design multi-functional products that target a range of skincare complaints, such as aging, wrinkles, a loss of luminosity and acne. This way, you only need to apply a small handful of products. Our products contain only natural ingredients that are clinically proven and science-validated to bring positive results.


Consistency is also key when it comes to an anti-aging skincare routine, meaning it often takes a little time for quality results to present themselves. As such, any company that is promising you ‘overnight’ results is using falsities to lure you into making a purchase. Many dermatologists claim that you will see results around four weeks after you’ve implemented your routine (providing you stick to it).

As mentioned above, the DermYoung product range is purposefully small – which makes it a little easier to stick to your routine. After all, we understand that a busy routine doesn’t always leave hours in the day to dedicate to skincare.


Compliance is also instrumental in the overall success of your skincare routine. As such, if you have been given any dermatological advice whatsoever, you should ensure that you stick to it. Sometimes, this means waiting a little for positive results.

Right now, retinoids are some of the most popular skincare products around, and are used to combat a range of skincare complaints, from wrinkles to acne. They encourage your body to replace damaged or dead skin cells quicker, however, this also means that many users find their skin gets worse before it gets better. As such, retinoids are often associated with red, peeling skin, which is a particular nightmare for those with pre-existing skin sensitivities. However, many dermatologists will argue that compliance is key in this instance, as the benefits will soon begin to show.

At DermYoung, we do not use any acids or retinoids in our product, namely due to the fact that we wanted to keep things as simple and accessible as possible. Despite this, our products bring retinoid-level results, using a more gentle, natural approach. The absence of these ingredients mean that our products are safe for all (our client base ranges from toddlers to seniors), and can even be used by those who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Another factor of compliance that you must consider when getting serious about skincare is sun protection. This is because UV rays are incredibly damaging to the skin, due to the fact that they can penetrate even the deepest layers of our skin, causing cellular damage. As a result, you should ensure that you apply some form of sun protection each day – even when the sun isn’t shining.

To find out more about skincare and anti-aging, check out my interview with Dr. Ben Lee, a Plastic Surgeon at Wave Plastic Surgery on DermYoung social media.

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