Summer Skin Tips for Eczema

As we move into summer, it’s only natural to want to show a little more skin. After all, not only is the sun shining, but the temperature is rising alongside it, and your summer wardrobe is often key to staying cool and comfortable. During this time, it’s also important that you love the skin you’re in – especially when it comes to lifting your confidence or self-esteem.

However, for those with eczema or similar skin conditions, the idea of showing more skin may be a little daunting, especially if you’re worried that more sun exposure could worsen the symptoms you are facing.

Why does eczema get worse during summer?

Eczema, also known as ectopic dermatitis, is an inflammatory skin condition that can be excavated by a variety of triggers, from genetics to immune system activation and environmental changes. While scientific studies suggest that the winter months tend to be the worst for eczema sufferers, there are plenty of summer-specific triggers that you may need to contend with.

For example, when temperatures are high, we are more likely to sweat. Sweat contains a variety of electrolytes such as sodium and magnesium, which can build up on the surface of your skin (epidermis), therefore worsening your eczema. When untreated, eczema causes more and more damage to your skin barrier, causing your skin to become more sensitive and prone to infections. On a similar thread, sunburn damages your epidermis, leaving you more vulnerable to an eczema flare-up. As a result, it’s hardly surprising that eczema sufferers tend to notice that their flare-ups coincide with heat waves or rising temperatures.

Summer skin & eczema.

According to a recent study, “more than one-third of people with AD say they “often” or “always” feel angry or embarrassed by their appearance due to the disease.” However, it does not only impact your confidence, as an eczema flare-up can also be quite uncomfortable, especially if your skin is inflamed or itchy. As mentioned previously, however, there are various ways in which you can treat eczema, during the summer months and beyond. For example, I-Genesis Body Oil is expertly designed to combat common inflammatory skin care conditions, such as eczema.

I-Genesis Body oil can help to minimize eczema symptoms since it helps to repair and reinforce your skin barrier. This is because the unique blend of antioxidants, blending with critical vitamins inhibits the excessive production of pro-inflammatory factors to limit cellular damage, boost cellular proliferation, support structural remodeling, and stimulate tissue repair. This minimizes symptoms, while also acting as a preventative measure for future flare-ups. For example, if your eczema presents through dryness or flaky skin, body oil acts as an emollient, soothing the skin while also restoring moisture. As we lose moisture in our skin through sweat, this can prove to be incredibly beneficial.

I-Genesis body oil is the perfect skincare companion for those with sensitive skin and contains only natural ingredients. This oil can help you with eczema, psoriasis, and ingrown hairs – meaning it really can help you get ready for the summer sunshine. It’s also an incredibly lightweight product, which feels luxurious during the application stage and leaves your skin looking luminous and youthful. As it’s packaged in a 4oz bottle, it’s easy to carry around with you should you feel as though you need a little extra boost throughout the day.

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