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June is Professional Wellbeing Month, a time where we’re encouraged to take steps to improve our well-being at work. For example, this could include learning to take the plunge and advocate for yourself if you feel overworked or undervalued.

At Derm Young, we believe that wellness should stand far beyond the office – becoming part of your daily routine. This is especially true when it comes to taking care of your skin, as a skin wellness routine can help you to genuinely love the skin you’re in.

Skin wellness – more than skin deep.

Skin wellness refers to the well-being of your skin, something which is often overlooked when it comes to our general health, even though our skin is our ‘first line of defense against outside intruders. Whatsmore, scientific studies have found that skin diseases are ranked 4th in the most common causes of human illness, despite the fact that many of those affected do not consult a physician. 

Why should I care about skin wellness? 

Skin wellness is essential when it comes to taking care of your mind and body. For example, paying close attention to your skin enables you to notice any changes right away, especially those that may require medical attention. 

Taking good care of your skin also impacts your appearance, which can boost your confidence and self-esteem considerably. 

How can I promote skin wellness? 

Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can go about promoting skin wellness. For example, in addition to developing [+an efficient skin care regimen+](, you could get involved in the clean beauty movement. 

The clean beauty movement advocates for the exclusion of toxic and harmful ingredients in skincare products, many of which have found their way onto our shelves for decades. For example, skincare products that contain parabens and formaldehyde can often excavate (or even cause) the very skincare issues they promise to rectify. 

Thankfully, a push toward the clean beauty movement has created a generation of discerning, knowledgeable consumers who know to read the fine print before introducing a product to their routine. 

However, when it comes to the hardcore issues surrounding skin wellness, such as extensive sun damage, eczema, rosacea, etc, clean beauty products alone often fall short due to a lack of efficacy

With that in mind, here are two of the most common skin wellness problems you may encounter and how you can resolve them. 


Skin dryness is a multifactorial syndrome. The common causes include weather, lifestyle, underactive sebaceous glands, impaired skin barriers due to excessive exfoliation or improper skin care products, and a hyperactive immune system. As such, it is hardly surprising that itchiness/dryness are some of the most prevalent skin complaints, with[+ 59% of men and 49% of women experiencing these symptoms during their lifetime+](,CI%2C%2050.7%25%2D52.4%25%29.).

If a person is not genetically prone to skin dryness, there are numerous ways to improve the condition, including the introduction of proper skin care products to their daily routine.

Of course, there is no need to reiterate the importance of hydration in skincare. However, there is a lot of false advertising at play in the beauty industry regarding hydration, with many products promising to restore your skin’s natural glow in just a matter of minutes. 

The unspoken truth is that the only way our skin gets water (and hydration) is through blood circulation in the dermis (the inner layer of your skin). Water gets to the epidermis through free diffusion and water channels (aquaporins) transport. 

As such, it’s clear that the so-called ‘deep hydrating’ power of products exists only in commercials. Instead, what most hydration skincare products provide is 

A. Occlusion, which prevents water from evaporation; 

B. Humecants which draw water from the air to the skin surface;

C; Emollients that moisturize skin. 

None of the aforementioned ingredients can actually increase the hydration level of our skin. At best, they could reduce water loss, which isn’t the same thing. 

[+I-Genesis+]( products use a very different design mechanism when it comes to promoting hydration. First of all, there are no occlusive agents, such as dimethicone and other silicone compounds, present in our products. Instead, I-Genesis products contain proprietary botanical extract blends, which work to combat one of the most contributing factors of water loss: inflammation. Finally, I-Genesis products are designed to reinforce the skin barrier (a physical barrier to prevent water loss). 

Common inflammatory skin conditions. 

Inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and seborrheic dermatitis, are incredibly prevalent amongst people of all ages. Again, their prevalence means that many skincare companies have attempted to capitalize on user insecurities by promising that their products will resolve these issues outright. Think about it: how many adverts have you come across that promise to banish acne for good, despite the fact that some people are simply more genetically prone to acne than others. 

I-Genesis products also take a different approach to inflammatory conditions, aiming to combat the issue at hand as opposed to masking the symptoms.They contain a property blend of natural extracts, alongside vitamins and minerals, which are designed to ‘calm down’ the skin underneath inflammation,while simultaneously reinforcing the skin barrier. 

Restoring the skin barrier is important as persistent chronic inflammation will often interrupt epidermal proliferation/differentiation regulation, and lead to impaired skin barrier. A weakened skin barrier will, in turn, make the skin more vulnerable to excessive water loss and microorganism infection. Based on numerous customers’ glowing feedback, I-Genesis products have been able to provide great relief to people who may be afflicted by common inflammatory skin conditions. 

At Derm Young, we’re passionate about all things related to skin wellness, helping you to look and feel fabulous every single day. If you’re just starting your skincare journey or want to learn more about our [+results-driven+]( products+, get in touch today! You can even carry out a [+skin consultation +]( our website to receive personalized advice and product recommendations. 

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